When it comes to improving your smile, there are a wide variety of options available. You can choose to go the traditional route and head to the dentist every six months for a routine checkup and cleaning. Or, you can take a more proactive approach and invest in orthodontic treatment, like a clear aligner in Clyde, NC. Today, it is one of the most popular options for correcting crooked or misplaced teeth.

woman showing her clear aligner from Clyde, NC

Why Are Clear Aligners Popular?

Patients May Remove Them While Eating

Aligners may be removed while you eat, allowing you to avoid discomfort. You might have the option to remove them for sleeping or while on the phone. In addition, you may completely remove your aligners for special occasions. However, dentists recommend that you wear them at least 20 to 22 hours a day.  

By doing this, your teeth will be able to move further toward their ideal position, and you will have more flexibility in your daily life.  

People Will Not See the Device

These devices are virtually invisible. Most people won't be able to tell whether or not you are wearing your aligners. You won't need to cover them when you leave the house to prevent your family or friends from seeing them.

Potentially Fewer Visits to the Dentist

Every treatment is unique, but there’s a high chance you won't have to visit your dentist very often when you decide to have clear aligners instead. It could save you money and time, as well as allow you to keep your teeth healthy. Clear aligners don't need to be readjusted. You only have to replace them with the next set.  

At the end of your treatment with clear aligners, your mouth will look completely different, as your teeth have been moved to their final position. You will have straight teeth and a perfectly aligned bite. You will also be able to eat foods that you haven't been able to eat before. And you will be able to smile without worrying about teeth that you don't like or that are crowding.

woman wearing her clear aligner from Clyde, NC

Thinking of Getting Clear Aligners in Clyde, NC?  

If you feel ready for your next step in orthodontic treatment, you may be a good candidate for clear aligners. Your dentist will perform several tests to determine if you are a good candidate for clear aligners. They will want to see how your teeth align with each other and determine if any spaces are missing from your bite.  

Your dentist will also want to review your medical history, check your tooth and gum health, and make a final decision on whether or not to proceed with clear aligners after this process. If you are not happy with the quality of your smile, do not hesitate to give us a call and talk to our friendly staff at Cataloochee Dental Group. We will be happy to serve you.