Connecting with a dental professional can help you with oral hygiene. Dentists are professionals who specialize in dealing with oral hygiene, especially with teeth and gums. A certified dentist in Clyde, NC, may help you with dental or periodontal issues you may be experiencing. You should not connect yourself with uncertified “dental professionals” that may cost you your health and wellness.  

Only a licensed dentist can execute specific procedures that your oral cavity requires. Dental professionals are equipped with the training, skills, and the right tools to help them with their operations.  

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Specializations of a Certified Dentist  

Tooth Extraction  

A tooth extraction procedure is one of the most popular methods in dentistry, where a professional will safely remove a dented, decayed, or damaged tooth from its socket.  

Cosmetic Dentistry  

Cosmetic dentistry is a professional dental method that focuses on improving the appearance of the oral cavity, including the mouth, teeth, and gums. It helps the patients have a better overall smile. It includes procedures such as whitening and bleaching, veneers, bonding, and white fillings.  

Restorative Dentistry  

Restorative dentistry is a professional procedure specializing in fixing and replacing damaged teeth.  

Periodontal Care  

Periodontal care is a procedure that focuses on taking care of one’s gums. It includes:  

  1. Treating and preventing periodontal (gum) diseases  
  1. Periodontal maintenance  
  1. Periodontal splinting  
  1. Scaling and root planing  

Why Is Oral Hygiene Important?  

Your dental health is connected to the overall health of the body. The mouth or the oral cavity is an entrance or exit to and from the inner systems. It is primarily a passageway for food, water, and air that the body allows for sustenance, respiration, metabolism, and resistance to foreign materials.  

The oral cavity can also help in determining different symptoms of diseases. For example, medical professionals may determine systemic diabetes through gum problems or lesions in the oral or buccal cavity.  

Bad oral hygiene can also lead to serious health risks, including:  

  • Cancer  
  • Sepsis  
  • Cardiovascular complications  
  • Respiratory diseases  
  • Dementia
  • Rheumatoid arthritis  
  • Kidney disease  
  • HIV/AIDS  

How to Improve Your Dental Health

An individual can always opt to switch to healthier oral hygiene. Taking care of your oral health can help you get in better shape.    

  1. Brush your teeth at least twice daily.  
  1. Replace your toothbrush every after three months or when the bristles are easily worn.  
  1. Choose a healthier food group and limit sugar intake.  
  1. Floss.  
  1. Schedule check-ups with a licensed dental professional.  

It is always best to seek professional help when taking care of your dental health.  

Cataloochee Dental Group is full of certified dental professionals who promote good oral hygiene. Our team can help you with your needed dental services. Moreover, we have been providing high-caliber dental assistance for years now. Clients have highly recommended us to their peers, establishing our name in the industry. We also offer the following:  

  • Cleaning and prevention  
  • Clear aligners  
  • Dental implants  
  • Family dentistry  
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Looking for a Reliable Dentist in Clyde, NC?  

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