When we're talking about permanent teeth, tooth extraction is always the last option. As much as possible, dental care providers aim to save the tooth, whatever the issue may be. Unfortunately, there are situations when all else is hopeless, and your Asheville dental professional has to extract the tooth from its site.  

Before we delve into understanding why this process is necessary, let us first know what a tooth extraction entails. A tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket. Mostly, oral surgeons perform this procedure, but general dentists and periodontists can also perform this treatment. 

Tooth extraction only becomes an option when there is no other way to avoid it. The complexity of the process depends on the position of the tooth and what type of tooth needs to be removed. If necessary, our dentists at Cataloochee Dental Group promise that it will be a painless and stress-free procedure.

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What Makes Tooth Extraction Necessary? 

Irreparable Tooth Damage 

When tooth decay becomes too severe, tooth extraction may be necessary. If left unattended, tartar can damage the tooth until its pulp. In this case of irreparability, your dentist may suggest getting your teeth pulled out. This process only happens after root canal treatment is already taken into consideration but is an inviable solution because of the severity of the damage.


Overcrowding is another reason why tooth extractions are necessary. When receiving orthodontic treatments, your dentist will check to see if it’s possible to realign your teeth without removing any. However, if they see that there's no room for the teeth to move and achieve realignment because of one or a few extra teeth, then these teeth must be removed.

Periodontal Disease 

This type of disease is progressive and can worsen if left untreated. When the disease reaches its advanced stage, the gums connected to the teeth become very damaged, and extraction would be necessary. Additionally, the teeth get damaged first before the bacteria can reach and excavate the gums.

Impacted Tooth 

An impacted tooth is when the tooth is blocked from successfully erupting through the gums. It's usually the case with wisdom teeth. This happens when there is a lack of room for the tooth to come out, forcing it to erupt sideways.  

It's necessary to remove this tooth because it can damage other teeth and result in jaw pain, overcrowding, discomfort, tooth decay, or gum infection.

Baby Teeth Not Falling Out 

Sometimes, baby teeth stay longer than they should. In this case, they have to be removed to make room for permanent teeth to grow.

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Every tooth plays an integral role in the overall quality of your smile. Therefore, our dentists at Cataloochee Dental Group always remind our patients to exercise good oral hygiene daily.  

Brushing, flossing, and regular deep cleaning are sure ways to avoid tooth decay and gum infection. By doing these steps regularly, you can avoid spending thousands on restorative and cosmetic dental procedures to bring back your stunning smile. Contact us today to learn more about taking care of your pearly whites.