Parents and dentists teach us the fundamentals of oral health and habits from a very young age. Yet, many don't give such information much thought and end up with missing or misshapen teeth. As this issue takes a turn for the worst if left untreated, dentists offer dental bridges to restore your smile permanently and naturally. 

Not every patient is ready to undergo this life-changing procedure, so find out what dental bridges in Candler, NC, are and whether you can visit your dentist to get yours.

Patient getting Dental Bridges in Candler NC

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are prostheses made of a pair of porcelain crowns and a pontic, which is the part that will go where your missing teeth used to be. Once your dentist deems you a fit candidate for dental bridges, they will get your teeth surrounding the empty socket ready to hold your dental bridge. Then, a dental professional will shape the prosthesis and stick the crowns to the neighboring teeth. 

Getting your dental bridge in place may only take one dental visit, but you should schedule a follow-up consultation to ensure that your mouth responds well to the procedure and that it's free of any dental problems. 

When Can I Get Dental Bridges?

You Have Missing Teeth

Not having one or more teeth is the main reason patients visit their dentist's office looking for dental bridges. As obvious as this idea may seem, you become a suitable patient for bridges when there are empty sockets in your mouth due to tooth decay or trauma. Dentists might also suggest getting dental bridges after tooth extraction so your smile doesn't look incomplete.

You Keep Your Oral Health In-check

Missing teeth might open the door to many restorative dentistry procedures, but your natural teeth and mouth must also be disease-free. By not adopting proper habits, like brushing your teeth daily, flossing, and avoiding sugary drinks, plaque and tartar become a part of your mouth environment, breaking all hell loose and destroying enamel and dentin. Turning a blind eye to your oral health might also make your gums recede and bleed, which are visible symptoms of gum disease.

If you suffer from these or any other dental problems, your dentist must take care of that issue before considering dental bridges or other alternatives to complete your smile.

Your Jawbone Is in Good Shape

Aside from having a healthy mouth, your jawbone needs the proper density to support your new dental bridges. For instance, if a patient is too young, their bones are not fully formed, making dental bridges an unsuitable option. Osteoarthritis, which affects older people, causes bones and cartilage to wear out and erode, decreasing jawbone density. Other factors, such as trauma or dental problems, may also affect your mandible.

Dentists perform X-rays and a general examination before giving your smile a makeover to determine if your mouth is bridge-ready.

You Don't Smoke

Dentists usually advise smokers against dental bridges, as the tar and nicotine in tobacco damage both the prosthesis and your dental health. Dental professionals also need to remove enamel covering adjacent teeth to place the bridge, which leaves it more vulnerable to cigarette substances.

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Do You Want to Get Dental Bridges in Candler, NC?

Dental bridges may be the right fit for a non-smoker with missing teeth, proper oral health, and good jawbone density. Please book a consultation with our team at Cataloochee Dental Group to get top-quality dental bridges and the healthy, pearly smile you deserve.