Clear aligners have become popular among youngsters and adults who want straight teeth without wearing bothersome and noticeable braces. After being the answer for almost 11 million people in 2020, using a clear aligner is one of the methods qualified dentists in Clyde, NC, recommend the most. However, without caring for it properly, this convenient invisible appliance can make your teeth look worn out and do more harm than good.

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How Do I Take Proper Care of My Clear Aligner?

Clean Your Aligner Every Day

A clear aligner is inconspicuous, but it can be easily noticeable when all you do is rinse it after every meal. Brush the device thoroughly with a soft-bristle toothbrush and ask your dentist for a cleaning paste or gel to use for this purpose. This process will rid the clear aligner of any food remains and abrasive substances that could taint or damage it.

Avoid products such as bleaching solutions or fluoride toothpaste, as these could alter the shape or color of your clear aligner.

Don’t Use Your Aligner While You Eat or Smoke

Although you should wear your aligners from 20 to 22 hours a day for optimal results, wearing them when you eat and smoke is a no-no. Foods and drinks contain compounds, such as tannin, which can permanently stain your clear aligner, forcing you to pay copious amounts of money for a new pair. Harsh and chewy dishes, such as candy or nuts, can break or scratch the surface of your device if you have it on.

Nicotine and tar in cigarettes are also as sticky as honey, getting in the surface of your smile and clear aligner. Remove your device before smoking and brush your teeth afterward to minimize the damage.

Keep Your Aligner Away from Hot Water

As durable as your clear aligner may be, its plastic structure is vulnerable to certain factors, such as heat. Using boiling water to remove bacteria from your device may change its shape, making it impossible to fit your smile again. Avoid leaving your clear aligner over surfaces exposed to the sun, as exposure to such heat can also warp it for good.

Use Your Clear Aligner Case

After giving you your first aligner, your dentist will also hand you a case for you to take everywhere. Never leave without your case and use it to store your device whenever you eat or smoke. This habit will shield your clear aligner from external dangers that can cause scratching, color changes, warping, and other problems.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

When you wear a clear aligner, visiting a dental professional twice a year for cleanings and an oral examination is not enough. Schedule dentist appointments so a professional can see if you need a change of clear aligners or if the device just needs a slight touch-up.

Don’t try to fix any issues like discoloration or warping by yourself since doing this could further damage the condition of your clear aligner or affect the dental procedure results.

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Caring for your clear aligner by following a few recommendations deeply affects the results of this dental procedure. At Cataloochee Dental Group, our team can give you the best tips to get great results and a smile that makes you happy. Schedule an appointment with us today!