Did you know that more than half of the American adult population is dissatisfied with the color of their teeth? Their desire to flash a smile that’s whiter and brighter compels the creation of a huge array of over-the-counter kits. Since these options are typically cheaper than going to the dentist for teeth whitening in Candler, NC, people rush to the nearest drug store or grocery store to purchase them. Unfortunately, not everyone who chooses the DIY whitening path gets their desired results.

What OTC Teeth Whitening Kits Don’t Want You to Know

These Products Are Open to Misuse

Although DIY teeth whitening kits are typically marketed as products that are easy to apply, they’re also open to misuse. Unfortunately, most people tend to apply more than they should in the hopes of increasing the product’s whitening effect. When applied incorrectly, these self-administered treatments may potentially cause damage to the teeth and gums.

You Could End Up Using Products with Unregulated Ingredients

In the United States, these DIY products are identified as cosmetic and not medical. For this reason, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration doesn’t require manufacturers to submit a report of injury when the use of their home bleaching products damages a consumer’s teeth or gums.

You can also end up using a teeth whitening system that has limited strength. In an attempt to protect consumers from irritation and accidental burns, manufacturers can also use whitening compounds that aren’t strong enough to eliminate teeth stains.  

They Don’t Offer Guarantees

Since laws strictly govern the amount of hydrogen peroxide typically used in OTC products, manufacturers may add other chemicals to deliver the whitening results. In other words, there’s no guarantee that these may work.

You Run the Risk of Causing Damage to Your Teeth

Whiteners come in two basic types: abrasive and chemical. An example of an abrasive whitener is whitening toothpaste. You may think that these are working as they should, but using them regularly can wear away your tooth enamel over time and cause your teeth to turn yellow.

Alternatively, chemical whiteners contain hydrogen peroxide that can effectively get rid of teeth stains. However, these whiteners deliver the peroxide chemical to your teeth through various systems that may not deliver the results you’re hoping to get.

Moreover, these DIY kits may also contain citric acid that accelerates the whitening process while causing your tooth enamel to soften and dissolve. Keep in mind that the enamel you lose can never be replaced. Once this protective layer is gone, the underlying dentin comes to the surface, making your teeth appear yellow.

Teeth whitening products may potentially cause tooth sensitivity and irritation to the gums. Using DIY kits puts your mouth’s heal

Professional Teeth Whitening in Candler, NC Works!

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