Some people confuse restorative oral procedures with cosmetic dentistry in Franklin, NC. Although some dental treatments offer both restorative and cosmetic results, others remain exclusive to each type of dentistry. Thus, when you need help with a few dental issues you are faced with, it's best to know which one you want to focus on - function or aesthetics.  

Knowing what you want to achieve is key in deciding whether you need a full mouth reconstruction or a smile makeover.

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What Makes Them Different from Each Other? 

Both terms have different procedures that correct or enhance different dental issues. If it's an issue on looks (but it can function the same), it will need procedures under a smile makeover. On the other hand, a full mouth reconstruction is typically needed if the issues are mainly about their functionality.  

Full Mouth Reconstruction 

A full mouth reconstruction includes a series of dental procedures that aim to correct or improve the function of specific structures. The good thing about a full mouth reconstruction is that it also transforms the beauty of your smile. Typically, it is comprised of the following procedures:

Dental Implants 

These are titanium screws inserted into the bone socket of the teeth to replace lost ones. These are popular teeth replacement methods because of their durability and longevity. With dental implants, you can enjoy basic functions like eating and talking again.


Crowns are cap-like tooth-shaped materials placed over the damaged tooth to restore its strength, appearance, and function.

Dental Bridges 

As the name suggests, they bridge the gap left by missing teeth by fastening a "bridge" to the crowns of abutment teeth on each side. They offer enhanced stability to the replacement teeth and will further beautify your smile. 

Smile Makeover 

On the other hand, a smile makeover is meant to glamorize your smile by polishing up chips, stains, cracks, and gaps. This process does not necessarily improve the function of your teeth; it only makes your smile look a lot more stunning. The procedures under a smile makeover are the following:

Teeth Whitening 

Teeth stains or discoloration is a normal occurrence as your teeth undergo wear and tear. This can also be due to the food and drinks you consume daily. With teeth whitening, your teeth will get the chance to sparkle once again.  

Braces or Clear Aligners 

Malocclusions are pretty common. It's when the teeth are not properly aligned, or the upper and lower sets don't perfectly meet each other. To correct this, you can wear braces or clear aligners - both procedures apply constant pressure to your teeth, making them adjust and reposition to straighten.

Dental Veneers 

Porcelain veneers correct issues on interdental gaps and teeth discoloration as well. A composite resin is poured onto the front part of the teeth after a thin layer of enamel is scraped off to make room for it.  

You may choose to have veneers for an individual tooth, especially when it looks noticeably different than the rest. You may also choose to put dental veneers on all of your teeth with a shade of white that complements your skin complexion.  

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