You have probably heard of teeth whitening in Clyde, NC, as an easy and economical way to brighten your teeth. More and more people are taking advantage of this dental procedure. A survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry proved that teeth whitening is widely sought after by people who want an instant attractive smile.  

However, some dental professionals are alarmed by the growing popularity and increasing demand for unregulated DIY or at-home teeth whitening kits on the market.  

So, why are dentists concerned about this type of teeth whitening procedure?  

comparison of teeth that underwent teeth whitening in Clyde, NC

Common Side Effects of DIY Teeth Whitening Products  

Most at-home teeth whitening kits contain harmful chemicals and ingredients which can cause damage to your oral health, especially if used without a dental professional's guidance.  

Some DIY teeth whitening side effects include:  

Damage to the Tooth Enamel  

DIY or at-home teeth whitening kits that promise an overnight result usually contain chlorine dioxide, damaging the tooth enamel incredibly when overused.  

Most people do not know that chlorine dioxide is a substance used to clean swimming pools and other surfaces filled with tough stains. It can be corrosive if applied to the teeth and will most likely remove the teeth's top layer, known as enamel.  

Tooth enamel serves as a shield that protects the teeth from invasive damage. Removal of enamel will increase the likelihood of exposing the teeth to further complications and infections.  

Damage to the Gums  

One of the ingredients present in an at-home teeth whitening kit is hydrogen peroxide which can injure the soft tissues and result in severe gum damage and recession. It can increase tooth sensitivity when this happens, making it uncomfortable to enjoy your favorite hot or cold cravings.  

Chemical Burns and Wounds  

Most DIY teeth whitening kits have mouthguards to hold the whitening ingredients for a more desirable result. However, unprescribed mouthguards cause more damage than benefits, primarily when active ingredients being held in place spill over into the mouth, causing chemical burns and wounds. In a more severe case, the bloodstream may absorb leaked chemicals, leading to physical illness or poisoning.  

Increased Mouth Infections  

People engrossed in DIY teeth whitening are more susceptible to mouth infections since there could be increased damage to the areas around the mouth. Mouth infections occur when the damaged enamel, gum, and teeth are infected with bacteria.  

It is never wrong to aspire for whiter teeth and opt for teeth whitening procedures. However, avoid compromising your oral health by using unregulated DIY or at-home kits that do more harm than good. Remember to always seek professional assistance and guidance from your board-certified dentist before doing any teeth whitening procedures.  

It is better to allow your dentist to do the procedure for you. In-office teeth whitening is highly recommended and much safer than at-home procedures.  

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