Life with missing teeth is far from being easy. Besides hitting your confidence hard, missing teeth can also make chewing and speaking a chore. Thanks to dental bridges in Candler, NC, you can replace that gap in a snap!

If you’re not sure if a dental bridge is a right choice for you, it’s best to learn as much as you can about this tooth-replacement option. Start by checking out the myths and realities about dental bridges.

Dental Bridges: Myths and Realities

MYTH #1: “You can only find one type of dental bridge.”  

False! Today’s dental care providers are aware of the fact that each patient has their own unique needs. If the standard dental bridge isn’t the best option for you, your dentist can offer other types of bridges including the following:

  • Maryland bridge
  • Cantilever bridge
  • Implant-supported bridge

MYTH #2: “You’ll feel pain while chewing.”

It will take time to adjust to your food and lifestyle when you first get your teeth bridged. Although you may experience mild discomfort, you shouldn’t feel any pain. However, once you get used to it, you’ll be able to chew your favorite foods as you normally would.  

MYTH #3: “You can’t expect them to last long.”

If proper care isn’t taken, you can’t expect anything to last long. Likewise, your dental bridge won’t last for a long time without proper maintenance. However, with regular brushing, flossing, and dental checkups, you can prolong the health of your dental bridge for over 15 years.

MYTH #4: “They break easily.”

The natural teeth that surround the dental bridge are also called abutment teeth. These act as pillars to support the artificial teeth. As long as the dental bridge is properly installed and the abutment teeth are healthy, the dental device should last for a very long time.  

Aside from the fact that dental bridges are made out of durable materials, the prosthetic teeth attached to them are also designed to be as strong as your natural teeth.

MYTH #5: “It’s extremely expensive.”

Thanks to dental insurance plans, getting dental bridges can be cheaper than other tooth-replacement alternatives. However, it’s important to note that the cost of dental bridges can vary depending on the materials used for the type of bridge you’re planning to get. For instance, a bridge made from porcelain or metal may be more expensive than composite resin.

MYTH #6: “They’re look fake and are extremely easy to see.”

Unlike old-fashioned dental bridges that use visible metal pieces secured around surrounding teeth to anchor the bridges in place, modern dental bridges are hardly noticeable. Since today’s bridges are placed over existing teeth, they don’t need an anchoring metal device.  

What’s more, the prosthetic teeth attached to the bridge are made to match the color of your existing teeth. This means that each time you can flash your winning smile, others won’t notice that you’re wearing a dental bridge.

MYTH #7: “They involve a complex and lengthy procedure.”

Contrary to what some people think, a dental bridge can be installed in a single appointment. However, you may have to book two appointments with your dentist for the work to be complete.  

During your first visit, the abutments or surrounding teeth are prepped for installation. Next, casting is performed to ensure that the prosthetic teeth are custom-made to match your existing teeth’ color, shape, and form. When your dental bridge is anchored in place, you’ll love how it seamlessly blends with the rest of your smile.

Considering Dental Bridges in Candler, NC?  

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