One can attest to the necessity of having complete teeth by the insecurity they feel when they lose one of them. Without a doubt, getting dental implants in Asheville, NC, does so much in restoring your brilliant smile. Safe, strong, and stable, dental implants have been the standard procedure in replacing missing teeth.

Dental implants restore the biting force you've lost along with bringing back the confidence you once had. Unfortunately, some people hang back on getting this treatment because of some misleading myths circling around it.  

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6 Myths About Dental Implants You Shouldn't Believe

Myth #1: They are Only for Young People

When an interesting product or discovery is presented to you, the first question that would easily pop into your head is whether you can take advantage of that. The same goes for recent developments in restorative dentistry procedures. Lingering myths continue to spread that dental implants are only for young people.  

However, age is not a determining factor in deciding whether one can have dental implants. Instead, your dentist will conduct a series of consultations, tests, and X-rays to check for bone density, gum health, and overall health. Therefore, anyone can have dental implants so long as they show favorable results in the evaluations.  


Myth #2: They are Noticeable

Since dentures and dental bridges stand out, people also think everyone will know you have dental implants. But, that's not the case. Implants are the closest you can get to resemble natural teeth. Cosmetically, they are perfect in superseding lost teeth. They also function the same way natural teeth do without wobbling or falling out.  


Myth #3: They are Painful

To set things straight, those who've undergone this procedure vouch that it's not as uncomfortable as you’d expect. Patients are introduced with sedatives during the surgery - either laughing gas, oral, or IV sedation, to achieve a painless treatment.  

While you may feel discomfort after the operation, this can easily be remedied by over-the-counter medications your dentist will recommend.


Myth #4: They Don't Last Long

Dentists aren't bluffing when they say dental implants are permanent and long-lasting solutions to teeth loss. However, you also play an integral part in the longevity of their lifespan. With proper care, dental implants may last a lifetime. Thus, you need to regularly brush, floss, and visit your dentist for your routine checkup and deep cleaning.  

Moreover, dental implants don't degenerate due to decay, unlike natural teeth. However, you should still keep up with your oral health.


Myth #5: They are Risky

Any dental procedure, like implants, involves some risks. But, they have shown a resounding 98% success rate - one that is highly remarkable.  


Myth #6: They Don't Improve Your Overall Health

Replacing missing teeth is more than just transforming the beauty of your smile. Did you know that missing teeth can further ruin your facial appearance when the surrounding teeth start to shift to close off gaps? This affects the formation of your jawbone and will make your face look out of shape.  

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Get Dental Implants in Asheville, NC  

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