Little ones have active imaginations to make their lives more enjoyable, but this asset can turn against them in stressful situations, like when visiting their family dentist in Candler, NC. Children have a harder time understanding how game-changing oral care is, making them focus on the scary aspect of dentist appointments and causing them dental anxiety.

As a parent, supporting your children by asking questions, telling them about the consultation, picking a good time, and providing visual and tactile aid, can completely change their experience in the dentist's office.

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Ask Your Family Dentist Questions

There is no shame in not being well-informed about dental procedures as long as you are willing to learn about them for your children. Whether it's a standard cleaning or a tooth extraction, clear any doubts you have with your family dentist, and make them thoroughly explain what they will do to your daughter or son's mouth. 

By learning about the dental procedure, you will provide answers to situations that frighten your kid, making them trust your family dentist.

Tell Your Kids About the Appointment

Once you've gathered the necessary information, use it to tell your child about the check-up. Honesty is the best policy to free your children from fear, give them time to get mentally ready, and make them place their trust in your family dentist. Use straightforward language and a calm voice to let them know the when, how, and why, and be willing to answer any questions.

Show the Children Pictures and Videos

If, after choosing your words carefully and using a soft voice, your child is still anxious and doubtful, try using professional-approved visual aids to help them understand. By showing them the structure of a tooth and how bacteria affect it, children learn how essential a visit to a family dentist is and can process that a bit of discomfort in exchange for a pretty, clean smile is worth it.

Choose a Good Time of The Day

After explaining everything to a T and getting your children ready to sit in your family dentist's chair, book an appointment for a time of the day when your kid is less cranky and tired. Taking your children to see a dental professional during the day is ideal, after they've had a good night's sleep and nutritious breakfast. 

Avoid scheduling consultations when they usually take a nap, go for a snack, or hang out with their friends, as they will associate going to the dentist with interrupting their favorite times of the day.

Bring a Toy

As energetic and cheery as your child may be when you take them to your family dentist, having a comfort object in their hands, like a toy or blanket, will be the key to give dental anxiety the final blow. By having a familiar thing with them, children feel less threatened by an unknown environment and will be more willing to go through with the check-up.

Don't take toys your kids bite, as they might feel inclined to put them in their mouths, affecting the dental procedure.

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