Cavities in teeth can stop you from flashing your biggest smile when taking photos or meeting other people. Luckily, an expert in cosmetic dentistry in Franklin, NC, uses tooth-colored filings to solve this aesthetic issue. Perhaps you’ve heard of this treatment but are unsure of giving it a go. We’re here to debunk the myths surrounding dental fillings so you won’t have to put off your scheduled dental appointment.

Dental fillings refer to a restoration treatment that involves removing a tooth’s decayed portion before filling the area. In addition to improving oral health, they enhance the function of your natural tooth and protect it from further damage. While dental fillings offer a long-term solution for cavities, they’re not permanent.

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Debunking the Lingering Myths Surrounding Dental Fillings

MYTH #1: “You don’t need a dental filling unless you’re in pain.”

Although a toothache indicates that you may be suffering from a cavity, a mild case of tooth decay may not cause pain or show any symptoms. However, a cavity is a cavity, no matter how small. Moreover, it won’t go away on its own.  

That tiny cavity will continue to develop and progress until the decay reaches the nerves inside the tooth, causing an infection. At this point, your dentist may recommend a root canal procedure to eliminate the infection. Instead of waiting for a cavity to cause pain, it’s best to use a dental filling to prevent decay from advancing further.

MYTH #2: “Dental fillings involve an excruciating procedure.”

Getting a dental filling isn’t as painful as some people might think. Your dentist will go above and beyond to ensure your comfort during the procedure. Since they’ll likely use an anesthetic to numb the treated area, you won’t feel anything except the slightest bit of pressure as your dentist removes the decayed portion of the tooth.  

MYTH #3: “Dental fillings aren’t safe.”

Contrary to popular belief, tooth fillings are safe and don’t risk oral and overall health. Tooth-colored fillings are made of a non-toxic material called composite resin. Moreover, they preserve your natural teeth’s structural integrity and appearance while restoring their function.

MYTH #4: “Dental fillings won’t make your teeth look good.”

In the past, dental care providers used metal fillings to treat cavities. Unfortunately, these fillings darken the tooth’s appearance. Thanks to advancements in modern dentistry, today’s dentists offer white or tooth-colored fillings that seamlessly match your teeth and make them look good as new.

MYTH #5: “Dental fillings can cause health issues.”  

Be glad to know that the materials used for creating tooth fillings are safe and effective. Besides addressing chips, breaks, and cracks, dental fillings prevent tooth decay from getting worse. For this reason, they help you steer clear of tooth infections that may lead to severe health issues over time.

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