Teeth aren’t only for chewing and talking; a smile can be a confidence booster and bring you closer to old and new faces. Yet, in a world where nine out of ten people have slightly crooked teeth, your smile can turn against you and harm your self-esteem. Wearing an Asheville clear aligner has become a common practice, as it’s a perfect match for people who don’t have time to schedule regular dentist visits or who feel too old for metal braces. Find out if dental professionals can correct your teeth using this invisible tray or if other orthodontic treatments are a better fit for you.  

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Dental Issues Clear Aligners Can Fix

Crooked Teeth

Each mouth is unique, meaning that even if we all have the same teeth, they don’t all have the same room to fit. Having a small jaw, adopting poor dental habits, and other factors can affect the position of your baby and adult teeth, which, in turn, can bend your smile into an unpleasant shape. Luckily, clear aligners can take care of this issue as long as it’s not severe, pulling any misaligned teeth back to where they originally belong.

Underbite and Overbite  

Not only can genetics determine the alignment of your teeth, but they also set the position of your jaw. If your jaw is shaped correctly, your top teeth go in front of your bottom teeth when you close your mouth. However, other people aren’t so lucky, and their upper jaw either overlaps or hides behind their lower one. Aside from hindering your face’s aesthetics, having an underbite or overbite wears off your tooth enamel, making you more prone to cavities and gum disease. A misaligned jaw might also affect your speech and chewing, making speaking to others and eating uncomfortable.

Clear aligners can slowly return your upper and lower teeth to their place, restoring your mouth’s abilities and giving you a radiant smile. 

Tooth Gaps

Front tooth gaps have become a trend in recent years, but they should be a choice, not a characteristic your genetics force on you. When you don’t have enough teeth, or there’s too much room for your pearly whites to fill, you end up with empty spaces in your mouth. As harmless as these gaps may seem, they give bacteria a place to stick around your mouth and cause gum disease. After dentists use clear aligners to eliminate this issue, your smile is safe from the damaging effects of food remains and harmful substances, and your teeth get straighter.

Crowded Teeth

Finally, clear aligners are a perfect match for those who have to bear the consequences of being born with more teeth than usual. When there’re more teeth than your mouth can fit, they have no choice but to scoot over and overlap. As a result, you end up with a crooked smile and corners where bacteria can build up and drill your precious smile. When you put an end to this dental issue with clear aligners, you get a picture-perfect smile while shielding your teeth from future oral problems.

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Do You Need Clear Aligners in Asheville?  

Clear aligners might not look as effective as braces, but they actually have the power to correct many dental problems, from crooked to crowded teeth. Our team is ready to help you decide if this orthodontic treatment is for you, so give our team a call!