Our teeth are meant to be pearly and shiny, but foods, beverages, and tobacco get in the way and deprive them of their squeaky-clean looks. Luckily, dentists provide professional teeth whitening in Candler, NC, as a top-tier solution to the yellowish smile problem.

However, not everyone is ready to undergo this pain-free procedure, so make sure that you are not underage or pregnant and that your mouth is healthy enough for it.

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You Are the Appropriate Age

When it comes to teeth whitening, age is more than a number. Agents used during this dental procedure may be too abrasive for the mouths of children and teenagers, especially if they still haven’t gotten some of their permanent teeth. Bleaching can remove the enamel covering baby teeth, making them more vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease.

Dentists recommend getting your first teeth whitening session after all your permanent teeth have erupted for longer-lasting and healthier effects.

You Are Not Pregnant

Age is not the only factor that can get you checked off the teeth whitening list since dentists advise women against bleaching their smile while carrying their babies. Pregnancy does a number on your whole body, and your mouth is no exception. Since pregnant women are vulnerable to gingivitis, tooth erosion, and cavities, cosmetic dentistry will put you at greater risk of contracting such dental problems.

You can always book a teeth whitening appointment with your dentist in Candler, NC after your baby is due.

You Don’t Have Too Much Restorative Work

Even if you are not a teenager or pregnant, having too many crowns, bridges, or dental implants may make it hard to brighten your smile. Restorative dentistry materials, such as porcelain, don’t absorb bleaching substances that dentists use for teeth whitening.

But, not all is lost: if you want to get even-colored teeth with several implants on, discuss other options available with your dental professional.

Your Oral Health Is in Check

Prostheses may complicate the teeth whitening procedure, but having unhealthy teeth and gums can earn you a ticket out of the whitening realm. Qualified dental professionals will always put the health of your teeth before their appearance; if your smile is covered in plaque and tartar, your dentist will probably prioritize giving it a good teeth cleaning before whitening it.

Make sure to brush your teeth, floss, and visit your dentist’s office for regular cleanings to have your teeth up for whitening whenever you want.

You Don’t Grind Your Teeth

You may take good care of your teeth, but your dentist will likely not whiten them if grinding has taken their enamel away. When you grind your teeth, you force them to rub against each other, removing enamel layers and making them more sensitive. This problem will make your teeth more vulnerable to the bleaching agents used for teeth whitening, damaging your smile.

Grinding is different for each patient, so discuss if you are fit for teeth whitening with your dental professional.

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Find Out If Teeth Whitening in Candler, NC Is for You

Being pregnant, underage, or having different dental problems may make your dentist think twice before whitening your teeth. If you are curious to know if you are a good candidate for the procedure, contact our dentists at Cataloochee Dental Group and book an appointment today!