Our teeth are way more important than just for giving us a stunning smile. Missing teeth affect not only our ability to chew and speak but also our overall health. Thankfully, you may undergo restorative procedures like dental implants in Asheville, NC, to replace missing teeth

Dental Palette for Dental Implants in Asheville NC 

What Procedures Can I Get to Replace Lost Teeth?  


These dental appliances are a famous method for the replacement of missing teeth. If you have a few of them missing, you may get partial dentures. These dentures are attached to the nearby teeth on both sides to keep them in place. When all of your lower or upper teeth are missing, complete dentures should be the best option for you.  

Cleaning your dentures is fairly easy since you can remove and brush them with your regular toothbrush. Unfortunately, you may have to regularly visit your dentist for readjustments as the gums and teeth can slightly move, causing your dentures to not fit perfectly to your mouth.  

To prevent your dentures from coming loose, you can put a generous amount of adhesives or opt for fixed dentures, which offer greater strength and stability. Fixed dentures are implant-supported, and only your dentist can remove and attach them.

Dental Bridges 

Another famous alternative to teeth restoration is called the dental bridge. Just like dentures, you may choose to get fixed bridges or resin-retained bridges, depending on the type of teeth you need to replace. If you're replacing teeth that are reliable for chewing and biting, it's best to get fixed bridges since they are implant-supported and can endure higher pressure.  

On the other hand, if you're only replacing your front teeth, which are seldom used for biting and chewing, you may get the resin-retained alternative. These types of bridges are attached to neighboring teeth to hold them in place.

Dental Crowns 

Bacteria and plaque buildup can eat away your teeth' enamel and cause the tooth to decay. In this case, the tooth degenerates and becomes weak, causing its appearance, strength, and function to falter. To address this, you may get a crown to cover the damaged tooth and revive its daily functions.  

The process includes trimming the sides of the tooth to make room for the crown to be placed on top.

Dental Implants 

Since dental implants are securely fastened into the jawbone, they are permanent solutions to missing teeth. With proper care, they may last a lifetime, saving you years of hassle and worry. Dental implants use a titanium post attached to the bone socket of the missing tooth.  

After that, a false tooth is bonded to the post and covered by a dental crown to approximate the appearance of natural teeth. Carrying a reputation as the best method to replace missing teeth, dental implants are arguably the most famous alternative to completing your smile. 

dentist holding model of teeth replacement including Dental Implants in Asheville NC 

Considering Getting Dental Implants in Asheville, NC?  

If you have lost one or a few of your teeth, do not hesitate to head on straight to your nearby dentist to get dental implants. An incomplete set of teeth can pose more harm, including its effects on your facial appearance down the line.  

At Cataloochee Dental Group, we utilize state-of-the-art implant technology operated by skilled and knowledgeable dentists. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation and smile with pride again.